Boholmen repurposed as tie rack


Materials: Boholmen dish drainer, drawer rail (not Ikea), drill, screws, screwdriver

Description: Hi! As with a lot of men, my husband
has a huge collection of ties. Some of them are very old, some quite horrible, but he loves to keep them, as many of them were a present… Since we moved into our new apartment he placed his ties on hangers, but the result was sad and messy.

So I started looking for a good and inexpensive solution by Ikea, and while I was wandering in the kitchen department I met Boholmen dish drainer: it was love at first sight. It has 42 pegs which can hold 1 or 2 ties each!

I drilled in the dish drainer two holes and I mounted it with screws on a drawer rail, then I placed with 3 screws the rail on the wardrobe wall, so that the tie rack can be extracted. Ta-daaa! 30 ties are now placed in the tie rack, and there is place for more of them.

~ Serena, Novara – Italy