Malmus Maximus: hacking MALMs and LERBÄCK into storage bed

Materials: several MALM dressers, lots of timber, mounting parts, glaze, optional: LERBÄCK slatted frame

Description: When I recently moved and needed a bed, I had these expectations: a lot of storage space underneath, preferring drawers because of the cleaner look and storage, and don’t lose space or drawers while placing the bed in a corner. Even when ignoring the prices I found nothing, but luckily I had been inspired by

When in search of drawers, the [smallest, 40 cm wide MALM] with two drawers was perfectly matching my idea in height, price, handle-free front and of course storage space.

But as I hadn’t wanted twelve small drawers, I also got two of the [80 cm wide MALMs]. As they have a minimum of 3 drawers, I had to cut one out. Both times I cut the lowest one to remove some previous owners’ defects. But apart from that I recommend cutting the top one, which is the easiest way, as you only have to fix the top again, e.g. with dowels and glue or fixing brackets, and you won’t get that small holes at the bottom I got.

I arranged the fully assembled MALMs on the beds accessible side and its foot end. With usual squared timber I build a framework leveled to the Malms top, on which the slatted frame will rest on the wall-facing sides. More details are shown in linked pics.

An all around border of nice glued laminated timber, in birch to match the MALMs, placed on top of the MALM/timber construction and later glazed uncolored twice, made a pretty rounding off and holds the latted frame and the mattress in place.

I used the left over drawers’ front parts to cut covers for any hole left.

Accessing storage
Originally I planned to lift the whole slatted frame while standing at the foot end and backing it on a slat. But while assembling my [SULTAN LERBACK], I figured an even better way: I mounted the foot end tilt adjustments a lot closer to the bearing, so I can erect the foot end to about 70 degrees easily and access the underneath space safely (at everyone’s own risk).

At the right foot end I couldn’t place another MALM with dressers because of a radiator, so I made a door of one MALM that was left, which gives a quick view at the underneath space. Weeks later I figured how to affix the removable door: via two magnetic cabinet door clamps. By the way, those two L-shaped angle brackets holding the small cover beside the door often come with IKEA shelves and is quite multifunctional.

It’s possible to step over the border behind the door to gain better access to stored items.

With about ninety Euros for the second hand MALMs, about the same for the timber plus a bit of hardware, I got a perfect bed for a very competitive price. In addition, I made three drawers for my desk from the materials left over.

See more photos of the Malm bed with storage.

~ Felix K., Hamburg