Hacker help: Ironing Alex?

Materials: Alex drawer unit

Description: I recently saw an Alex drawer unit that someone had fitted with dividers to hold large spools of quilting thread. I don’t have large spools like hers, but I thought it was a very clever way to see your thread but then “not see it” when you don’t need it. I cut strips from an old piece of foam core, taped them to the sides of the drawers, and arranged my thread by color. Pins stuck into the foam core hold the corresponding bobbins nearby. Very nice!

I also discovered that the top of the Alex was a good place to put my little pressing board and iron. The only trouble was that there was “just enough” space for the iron and board and if either shifted, one of them was in danger of falling off. Not nice.

I’d like to find a rack/shelf of some kind that I can attach to the top of the cabinet somehow, and then attach the board to that. And since I’d also like to enlarge the pressing board to a full 24″ square (it’s only 22″ now), it would have to be wide enough to be able to hold the iron completely to the side.

I’m hoping that some of your clever folk might have some ideas for me. Many thanks!

~ Peg Farrell, United States

Jules Yap