Materials: VIKA ALEX, saw, and drill or glue

Description: I was looking for a chest of drawers to put in my PAX. It should be about half of the body in width, with the appropriate height and nice looking. So I came across the Vika Alex chest of drawers, with the perfect width and the same depth as the PAX! It was only a bit too tall. No problem, I have a saw! 🙂

So, I decided to just reduce it to the 3 top drawers. I sawed the sides and back and just followed the IKEA instructions to assemble it. As a nice side effect, I got a second chest of 2 drawers by just assembling the remaining pieces and using the base as the top of the new chest (I drilled 6 holes on the top of the sides and used the six screws from the base to attach the top).

Result: two perfect and sturdy chests of drawers for my PAX.

~ Carla

Jules Yap