Revamp a Media stand

Materials: 1 used Ikea media stand (exact name of stand unknown) Paint Bead Board Rubber Mallet PureBond Hardwood Plywood Table Saw Scroll Saw Router Disc Grinder Stain Drill Fostner Bit Wood Glue / Silicone brush Air Compressor and Nail Gun

Description: My husband and I found an Ikea media stand on the side of the road last year. Originally we were going to sell it until we decided to modify it or “hack it” you might say. We removed the particle board from the backs of the media stand and added bead board.

Then my husband took it to the next level and made faux feet to really transform this stand. Anyone who looks at this would never have any idea that this came from Ikea or that we revamped it to make it our own.

See more of the media stand with faux feet.

~ Katie Jasiewicz, Orlando, Florida