Clean, sleek media console from Besta

Materials: Besta

Description: I needed a new media center in the living room, but could not find anything that was good looking and within my price range of a max 300$ so I went to IKEA and found the BESTA series and picked up 3 60×40 cm pieces in white.

At home I had four legs lying around from and old cupboard I saved when the cupboard was donated to the trash years ago. Assembled the BESTA and joined them together with a handful of screws.

Not entirely pleased with the way the BESTA looked on top I went to the hardware store and picked up three sheets of 11mm OSB, one 182,2cm x 42,5 and two 42,5 x 38,5cm. Then glued and screwed them to the top and sides and there you go one clean and modern looking media center for the living room.

I especially like the way the OSB kind of “drapes” the BESTA and the legs that makes the whole thing look way more classy and expensive than what it is.

~ Niels Ostenfeld, Copenhagen, Denmark