Rönas/Ledberg pendant lamp

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Materials: Rönas, Ledberg

Description: I could not find a satisfying solution to light my dining room, so I made a customized Lamp myself. There was an inspiring hack with the Rönas candleholder on here before.

But instead of wiring it to the ceiling with Sända tracks I made free hanging tracks from aluminum profiles and did the wiring inside them. It is all routed parallel with 0,75 mm² in rather complicated black MDF profiles an an oiled strip to cover it all up.

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The upper profile contains five Ledberg strips. The Ledbergs get powered by a transformer in the baldachin with 12 V DC. I took the one from the plug connector included with Ledberg, because it is rather small when you cut it open and just use the circuit board. Under the Ledberg I routed the 250 V AC power supply for the Rönas lamps.
I hope you like it.

~ Alojz Šuc, Nuremberg, Germany

Jules Yap