Alsklig Vintage Lamp

Materials: Alsklig Vase


Description: During a recent foray to Ikea for picture frames I noticed the Alsklig vases. The asymmetrical color in the glass reminded me of a lamp I’d seen elsewhere and inspired me to create an industrial-style lamp with a vintage bulb using a lamp shade frame recycled from my mother-in-law.

I measured the vase opening and ordered a cork to fit that was deep enough to house the lamp nipple that would give the lamp extra height. I didn’t know how the cork would react to my drill bit so I ordered a few extras.

I purchased a lamp kit at a big hardware chain but discovered they didn’t carry fittings to hold the lamp socket to the nipple. My local hardware store had the fittings and someone to show me how to put them all together. Next time I’ll go there first!

After the hold was drilled in the cork I slipped a stainless steel tube over the cord extending from the cork to the wall to give the cord some shape. The cord was snaked through the cork and nipple, covered by a white socket, into the lamp fixture.

I drilled a hole in a second cork and extended the nipple through it for extra stability as well as gluing the socket into a grove in the top cork.

The vintage bulb casts so much bright light I will be draping a scarf/covering over the wire frame for more flattering light.

~ Ginger Rose, Maryland

Jules Yap