Materials: BILLY bookshelf, 2 MESNALI mirrors, 6 hinges, 36 small screws, turnscrew, cordless screwdriver with boring bit for wood, yardstick

Description: I bought two old MESNALI mirrors to build matching doors for my BILLY bookshelf.

First of all, I bolt on 3 hinges to each of the mirrors (up, middle and down). Therefore I needed 6 x 4 small screws.

The next step was to drill 4 small holes into BILLY for bringing down the lowest shelf above the mirrors’ edge into the right position.

Last, but not least I attached the hinges to the bookshelf (required: 6 x 2 screws).

That’s it! 🙂

See more of the Billy with mirror doors.

~ Tira-Mi-Su