Q: Shelves for old 15 inch deep BILLY unit?

15 inch deep BILLY

Although we love our 11 inch deep BILLY, often that’s not deep enough. Sometime between 5-10 years ago, IKEA US stores offered a 15 inch deep BILLY bookcase for a short time. 

It was offered in white in the taller (~79″) and wider (~30″) BILLY, the only difference being the depth. 

Anyone remember these?

15 inch deep BILLY bookcase

BILLY bookshelf 80 x 40 x 202 cm (31 1/2 x 15 x 79 1/2 inch) | IKEA.com

Unfortunately, we didn’t realize it would be so short-lived and it quietly disappeared before we bought extra shelves for them.

Now, we really need a couple more shelves to make them work for our current needs. 

Has anyone found an easy way to add shelves to these?  I can’t think of another IKEA product that’s the right dimensions. 

Thanks for your help!



Hi Elizabeth

The 15 inch deep BILLY unit is still available in some countries. It’s unfortunate that it’s discontinued in the US.

To solve your need for more shelves, you may need to make your own. Here’s a video of a DIY BILLY shelf using an old door.

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I also found the KOMPLEMENT shelf to have almost the right length. It has a version at 13″ deep.

Komplement shelf

Or a deeper one at 22″ which you can trim down to fit the 15″ depth of the BILLY.

Get it custom made

There are, of course, other non-IKEA ways of doing this. Just bring one of the original BILLY shelves to your local hardware shop or HomeDepot.

Then, select your wood (or MDF or plywood) and get them to cut the shelves for you.

After sanding it, you can paint or stain it to suit your BILLY.

Hope that helps. Let us know how it goes.

Happy hacking,


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