Boots? Not more between the feet!! Wall-Mounted boots holder from a Pot Lid organizer

Materials: RATIONELL VARIERA pot lid organizer, PROJS desk pad, hollow wall anchor L-hook set

Description: I wanted a space-saving way to store a few of my wife’s boots, always between the feet.
I went to the IKEA website and found the RATIONELL VARIERA pot lid organizer.

I adjusted the RATIONELL VARIERA to the length I needed so it would work for my wife’s boots. I bought a desk pad, clear, to protect the white wall and then, I attached it to the wall with some drywall hooks into my closet. Now I have a clean, safe and easy (to store) boots holder. So inexpensive. My wife is now out shopping ….. other boots!?!

~ Giovanni Farfaglia, Rome, Italy

Edited: March 13, 2013

Jules Yap