Glamorous girly change table

Materials: Hemnes 3 drawer dresser, Wallpaper, upholstery tacks

Description: Open the ikea box. Pull out all the wood parts that are not painted (they will be the back of the drawers, the drawer sides, the 2 back braces, the drawer bottoms and the back panel. As well as the bag of screws, nails etc and the drawer runners. Put them to one side.
What you should be left with is all the pieces that need wallpaper.
I started with the 3 drawer fronts and the top piece.

I used wallpaper paste to adhere the wallpaper. But this was a dud. It didn’€™t stick the best. If I was to do it again, I would need to find something else. I was tempted to use spray adhesive.
The drawer fronts, I cut the wallpaper over sized and stuck it on. Let it dry and then trimmed it face down with a sharp utility blade.

The top panel, I cut over sized and wrapped the whole piece around and underneath. So when you flipped it over, it was stuck down with about a 7cm border around. Because the top panel overhangs the unit and you could see under it, so it is best to wrap it and it means that the wallpaper will stay securely in place. Used lots of masking tape and paint tins to hold it down while it was drying.

Next I did the top and bottom brace and the 2 panels that go between the 3 drawers. I used Mod Podge to stick these down.

Lastly I did the 2 side panels. As you can see, these panels have a profile where the centre is lower then the side bars. This wasn’€™t going to be very helpful for wallpaper. So what I did was cut down the Ikea cardboard box the cabinet came in. 4 x 400mm x 710mm rectangles. To fill in this void and make it as flush as possible.

I used Mod Podge to stick them down. One on top of the other. Great use of recycling.
I then had to cover this piece with wallpaper.
Now it was the fun part! Bashing in the tacks!

Then finish assembling your cabinet as per the instructions. Attach the new handles and VOILA!!! You did it!

See this link for more in-depth description.

~ Laura, Sydney, Australia

Jules Yap