12 artists hack IKEA bargain items and we’re stoked!

The As-Is or Bargain Corner is, hands down, our favourite spot in all of IKEA.

In there, we find treasures like ex-showroom furniture, items without packaging, items that are out of the range or products with scratches or minor damage. Best thing, all at reduced prices.

Perfect for hacking. In fact, we have a page full of hacks made from As-Is items.

Bargain Corner to Circular Hub

But things are always evolving. IKEA realised that it’s not merely about reduced prices. Rather, giving these items a second chance, extending their life cycle and reusing resources. The concept of circularity is to make it easier for customers to acquire, care for and pass on products in circular ways, such as repairing, reusing, reselling, and recycling them.

So the humble Bargain Corner (or known as As-is corner, in some markets) is now rebranded as Circular Hub. It may not have changed at your local IKEA yet, but it will come. IKEA hopes to be 100% circular by 2030.

IKEA circular hub

Photo: IKEA.com

To bring this concept to life, IKEA Netherlands invited 12 artists to shop the Circular Hub and turn them into works of art. Right up our alley.

These are my favourites. See all 12 here.

Shine on flowers

Cedric used a NYMÅNE floor lamp, lots of artificial flowers and a glue gun to create a whimsical “bouquet that lights up”.

NYMANE lamp hack

Photo: IKEA.nl

Knotted up

For her project, artist Loes used a PRÄSTHOLM outdoor sofa.

She painted the grey metal and wood sofa in light pastel green. Then wrapped strands of paracord around the bars. The end result is a bright, cheerful, one-of-a-kind garden bench. Love how customizable this is with different coloured ropes and knot patterns.

Prastholm sofa hack - circular hub

Photo: IKEA.nl

Pieces of art

Her piece is definitely more involved. Tamar smashed up pieces of ceramics (tiles, cups, plates) and arranged them on the HEMNES display cabinet until she got a design she was happy with. Then, glued each piece down. To set the “stones”, she filled all the joints with grout compound. Lastly, brushed away all the grout and glue traces with a damp sponge. And the cabinet becomes a display in itself.

HEMNES display cabinet - circular hub

Photo: IKEA.nl

A shoe-in

Belen used a HEMNES shoe cabinet to put her stamp on. After cleaning the furniture with degreaser, she sanded it and applied a coat of chalk paint. Lastly she applied white wood glue and stuck the decoupage paper on it. Finished with a coat of furniture wax.

HEMNES shoe cabinet hack

Photo: IKEA.nl

Which is your favourite? To see all 12 hacks and full instructions, please visit IKEA NL.

Jules Yap