Hacker help: Harlig for Billy?

Materials: Billy Bookcase, Harlig doors

Description: Hello,

I recently discovered the various built-in bookcases that can be made with simple Billys, and have decided to try it out.

However, the Billy doors are all too high for my configuration (the TV will be on this built in, and needs to be lower than what the doors would allow for). Also, Billy doors are not the cheapest and I will need 6 of them…

I was thinking of using Harlig doors, which are cheaper, and come in 40×70, which would be perfect for me.

Since I have never done the slightest modification to IKEA furniture before, I would like to know: would the Harlig doors be compatible with the Billy bookcase? Will I have to drill extra holes into the Billy for the hinges to fit properly?

~ Julie, France

Photo: IKEA.com