Kura Firetruck Bed

Materials: Kura Bed, 1/2 in MDF sheet, 1/4 in panels, 2×2, lights, switches, 120-to-12V adaptor, IKEA style screws and bolts, paint., reflectors, hose and faucet…

Description: We decided to buy the Kura bed to make a Firetruck bed for our toddler, trying to keep the original bed as intact as possible for when he outgrow the theme bed.

Steps :
1- Paint the blue sides of all panels Firetruck red with a roller.

2- Assemble bed, omitting the 3rd from bottom panel and the ladder steps – to avoid monkey climbing! (stored under the bed for future use)

3- Cut a MDF sheet in the desired form for the side of firetruck; we used the ladder sides to support the cabin “door” and left about 12-14 inches at the end to allow easy entry for a toddler. We decided on a partial side for the ease of bed making and putting a sleeping kid to bed. To design it, I printed the Kura bed image repeatedly on a paper and drew right on it until we were happy with the look of it!

4- To support the side, use the ladder and we made and “F” out of 2×2 and used the actual holes for the ladder step to anchor it to the left. We drill into the frame to anchor it down. We tried to limit the number of holes drilled and we used bolt and screws with similar IKEA hexagon head shape for the look. Note that kids will climb on it, so secure it well! Cut the window. We didn’t put a door because I was afraid of fingers stuck in it… But with a door, the side would be sturdier as an horizontal 2×2 could be fixed to the ladder holes on both sides of the bed.

5- Created a thick but hollow panel to put the headlights and flashers in. Wires run on the wall side of the frame of the bed and connect in the overhead control panel.

6- Create a triangular shape out of 2×2, top is a 1/4 and overhead inclined control panel is the same as the side (1/2 in MDF).

7- We both know electronics so we decided on functional lights and switches. We opted for light only, no backing sound nor siren because we value our sleep! 😉 Go with LED since they do not heat…

8- Decorate with bike reflectors, a real hose and faucets (attached to the internal “F” support made in 2×2), 1/4 thick wheels and front grill painted. I started a Firetruck sign for the door, but its not painted yet. For the glossy finish, my husband polish the hell out of it!

Total cost around 150-200$ without the bed and labor. The sturdiness was kept so it will be able to be turn as a bunk bed too later… Not a cheap as a plastic firetruck bed, but it was fun to build and it might be used until he move out?

~ Caroline Côté, Montréal, Québec, Canada