Lift door Faktum for TV

Materials: Faktum: 3 elements 60 x 70 (35cm deep), 3 elements 60 x 70 (60cm deep), 2 elements 80 x 70 (60 deep), 2 elements 30 x 70 (60 deep), Integral hinges, Rationell drawers and custom made doors

Description: After the domestic success of my 1st hack, it was time to tackle the TV corner. We have enough toys lying around so the goal was again to have a closed clean unit.

The unit had to go between a wall and the fire place and turns the Faktum cabinets were the ideal solution for this.

I started building the base and then I started adding the 60 cm deep cabinets.

I did not find a Faktum cabinet wide enough to fit the TV so made this piece myself. I ordered special hinges (Aventos HL) to have a lift door to hide the TV.

Once all Faktum pieces were assembled, it was time to add all custom doors.

Et voila, another clean closed unit with a lot of storage for toys and media.

There is 1 door missing as I need to get an extra pair of hinges from Ikea.

~ Kris Legroe, Belgium

Jules Yap