Monitor stand with Ribba photo frame legs

Materials: EKBY JA„RPEN shelf, RIBBA frames

Description: Dual monitor stand, or desk shelf.

1. Remove packaging from items
2. Remove the stand and matt paper from the photo frames
3. Choose four screws that are not so long they will push through the edge of the shelf.
4. Place shelf (top down) on workbench
5. Place a photo frame at the end of the shelf with glass side facing away from the shelf, and long side against the shelf. The frames are slightly shorter than the width of the frame. I consider this a design feature to accommodate cables, or you can use the space to brace it with some MDF if you need to put heavier items on the shelf.

6. Hold the frame firmly in place (a helping hand is useful) and drill on a slight angle down through the photo frame into the shelf at two places.
7. Insert the screws into the holes and tighten.
8. Repeat steps 5-7 with the other frame at the other end of the shelf.
9. Choose two photographs and insert them into the frames and replace the matt paper and stand.
10. Flip the shelf over to stand on the frames.
11. Admire your handiwork

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~ Peta Hopkins, Gold Coast, Australia