Pax Murphy Bed with Sliding Doors

Materials: Pax Wardrobes and Lyngdal sliding doors

Description: We wanted to make the second bedroom in our condo more multifunctional, and the obvious solution was a Murphy bed.

We spoke to some of the local suppliers, and a basic Murphy bed with no additional storage space would have been at least $3,500. That’s a little steep, and we didn’t really like the style of any of them.

I’d seen two IKEA hacks that used Pax cabinets with a Murphy bed kit here and here.

I used those as inspiration, but switched to sliding doors instead of bifolds.


3 Ikea Pax 100×236 wardrobes (1 was cut up and used for materials)
2 sets Ikea Pax Lyngdal 200×236 sliding doors
1 set Ikea Inreda LED spotlight
2 Ikea Inreda LED light strips
Free-standing Murphy bed kit
2″ and 1-1/4″ particle board screws
Cabinet edging tape

Total Cost: $1,650

Ikea Cost: $1,010

We waited until Ikea had a Bedroom event. We bought the Pax stuff, got $150 gift card back, and then used that to buy the lighting. I was also able to scavenge some underutilized shelves and drawers from a few of the other Pax wardrobes we have.

Total Width: approx. 372cm (10′-1″)

From start to finish the project took about 1 week – that was one solid Saturday of work, with everything else done in the evenings.

For the most part all of the work was done by one person, but there were a few steps were a second set of hands was needed: initially assembling the Pax wardrobes; lifting the top piece into place; and lifting the doors onto the rails.

See more of the Pax sliding door wardrobe with Murphy bed.

~ Chris Nelson, Edmonton, Canada

Jules Yap