Real computer in a picture frame

Materials: 1x Ribba frame (25x25x4,5cm), old laptop, sharp knife, black paint, some plywood (3mmx25cmx25cm)

Description: Image you bought a new laptop, what to do with the old one?

1. Disassemble the old laptop and make sure the motherboard fits in the 25x25cm frame.

2. If it fits continue and remove necessary accessories from your laptop (I reused the power, LAN and USB connectors and the power switch). Now use the knife and cut out some holes for those connectors in the frame. Don’t care about the small frame the secures the glass, we’ll come to it later.

3. Cut the plywood to 25x25cm and cut out the mounting points from the laptop case and glue them on to the plywood and install the motherboard.

4. Buy some cables to connect the hard drives to the motherboard (I build my own cables)

5. Find a good spot for a hard disk (or 2) in the frame and use some small metal hinges to install it. There should be some metal in the old laptop case, use that! Install the hard disks directly behind the glass so it will secure it.

6. Put everything together hang it on the wall plug in the power and network cable and switch it on.

~ Marcus Goth, Sweden