Reincarnated Rolling Shoe Storage

Materials: Various shelves and bookcase sides from the as-is section at Ikea, MDF trim, casters, wood screws and L brackets.

Description: I used various shelves and bookcase sides to build a rolling shoe storage for our newly built mudroom bench.

1. A circular saw was used to cut the boards to desired length. Due to the laminate finish of the boards, a ten inch blade with sixty teeth was used.

2. Drawers were assembled using 1 3/4 wood screws and L brackets.

3. Non swivel casters were added to bottom.

4. Decorative trim was added to the front face of the drawer.

5. Front of drawer needed to be painted to match mudroom bench.

6. Tyda satin nickel handles were added. These were found at the as-is Ikea section for .99 cents.

7. Put shoes inside and roll drawer underneath bench seat. 🙂

See more of the rolling shoe storage.

~ Julie @ Being Home