Self-made kitchen

Materials: Faktum cabinets, Atlant siphon, NUMERÄR countertop

Description: Basic kitchen build completely from Ikea Faktum cabinets.

Doors and the cover panels are made from pallet shelves. The doors are simply glued together using construction-glue, no plugs are needed. To fill the doors inner area, I decided to use a bamboo mat which is stapled to the door from behind. After finishing all the woodwork, I painted everything in white.

The sink is made from an old washbowl. I drilled a hole in it for the siphon, which is quite difficult because of the enamel coating of the bowl.

As countertop I use the Ikea NUMERÄR and cement tiles from Portugal (under the tiles I used a composite panel)

Parts and costs:

Ikea stuff (Faktum cabinets, siphon, countertop, hinges etc.) – about 400 Euro
pallet shelves – free
sink – free
bamboo mat – about 30 euro
Indian door knobs – about 20 euro
tiles – about 150 euro

I think the interesting thing is that the doors are quite easy to build and you can fill the them with whatever you want, and like (example: fabric, wooden grid, plexiglass …) you can simply glue or staple it on the back side of the door.

~ Tobias, Germany