2 DIY Coffee Station Ideas for a cozy coffee corner

diy coffee maker stand

Carve out a space in your kitchen or dining room for your favourite brew. Let’s take a look at two DIY coffee station ideas from two different ends of the style spectrum — farmhouse and modern.

#1 TARVA coffee station

Coffee corner in farmhouse style

TARVA dresser
New legs
Wood boards for top

DIY coffee station with an IKEA dresser

Using a TARVA dresser as a blank canvas. We first replaced the legs with curvy new legs from Home Depot.

We painted and distressed the dresser with chalk paint. And then we placed new distressed stained wood boards in various widths next to one another as a new top.

Farmhouse style coffee station for keurig coffee maker, espresso machine
IKEA TARVA dresser hack
coffee making accessories in a tray

~ Heather Ackerman, Baltimore, Maryland

#2 Coffee stand using an IKEA cart

I had been on the hunt for a space saving Keurig coffee station for a while.

Most were too wide or expensive.

I had this GRUNDTAL cart kicking around the garage and one day while passing by inspiration hit.

I had seen a similar hack where someone used a cutting board to make their bathroom cart look more luxe. And the space between the wheels and lower shelf In particular caught my eyes.

With minor adjustments it could possibly be my perfect coffee station solution. (Shout out to Faith for the inspiration.) 

IKEA items used: 

APTITLIG chopping board (Or any 17”x11” cutting board)
VARIERA box (optional)

Other materials and tools used:

Floor protectors (optional)
Hot glue gun or E6000 for more permanent hold

A small DIY coffee stand for Keurig coffee maker 

First, I took off the wheels, handles and two top long bars (so our robot vacuum can get under) as well as ditching the plastic top.

You could leave the top two long bars on, but it would just make sweeping or vacuuming under the cart slightly annoying and less accessible. I tried my best to show which parts to remove with a terrible illustration (below)!

Photo: IKEA.com

Next I turned the whole thing upside down. There will already be plastic ends for the floor but you can add optional felt floor protector stickers like I did if you have hard flooring. 

stainless steel trolley with caster wheels removed

Remember to put the shelves back in before hot glueing a cutting board on top. You’ll never get that top shelf in afterwards. I learnt that the hard way and luckily wasn’t using E6000. So, I opted for hot glue in case I wanted to revert it back to cart form or needed to disassemble for easier cleaning in the future.

coffee stand with  K-cups

I found it helpful to line up the cutting board on top first and use a pencil to trace where the cart legs hit. That way once the hot glue was placed on the 4 cart legs that used to have wheels, I could easily lower and line it up to where it needed to be to look centered before the glue cooled.

Accessorising our coffee maker stand

There’s just enough room on that top shelf for extra k-cups now.

Keurig coffee maker coffee station suitable for small space

I got a clear plastic bin from a Winner’s store nearby and really liked the pull front. I also got my cutting board there because our IKEA is a long drive away.

Essentially you want a cutting board that’s at least 17”x11” and possibly a bin or box that is no wider than 7.5 inches to store your k-pods.

You may want to consider the VARIERA box to complement the IKEA cutting board. They have a box that is roughly 9”x 6” and the middle handle would make access easy.  

My son likes to make hot chocolate with k-pods so I have a lot, but you could also use the shelves for your coffee cups or other styling ideas.

~ by Anna Siedler

Updated Nov 15, 2021 with new information.