TARVA Dresser hack inspired by this expensive one

Part of Jessica’s Reading Room transformation for the One Room Challenge includes a Tarva Dresser hack. Right up our alley.

Her inspiration piece is this classy unit from West Elm, called Gemini. The distinctive feature of the Gemini unit are the routed circular overlays. They function as a design detail as well as drawer pulls.

West Elm Gemini Dresser
Source: West Elm Gemini 5-drawer dresser

It costs $699. On the other hand, the TARVA a mere $149. So a hack was in order.

Tarva dresser hack instructions:

First things first, Jessica assembled the dresser.

She filled up the predrilled holes on the drawer fronts for knobs, as she’ll be creating her own set of pulls.

To make the drawer pulls in the same style as the West Elm ones, she first measured the width of the TARVA drawers. Then, decided how long she wanted each pull.

She bought (2) 8ft 1×3’s and cut them down to 22 1/2″ long. She made 8 of these.

For her pulls, she went with a 45 degree angle (instead of rounded) which is easier to cut and route.

TARVA Dresser hack West Elm inspired

Next, she bought a chamfer router bit to create the routed edges, like the West Elm overlays.

With all the pieces finished, she applied some Titebond wood glue on the backs of the pulls and clamp them onto the drawer fronts. Measure the centre of the drawers and the centre of the handles for a guide.

TARVA Dresser hack West Elm inspired

The top drawer and the bottom drawer get one pull, the centre drawers get two. One at the top and one at the bottom.

After letting the glue cure for a few hours, the West Elm inspired TARVA dresser hack is done.

TARVA Dresser hack West Elm inspired

TARVA Dresser hack West Elm inspired

At the moment, it still needs a coat of stain, which Jessica hasn’t decided on.

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