A GORM villa for a hen

Materials: Gorm 78x55x174, chicken wire, a few pieces of wood, nails and screws

Description: I needed to make a movable chicken coop at a low price for a new hen, and I thought of using GORM.
I used the shelves as the end of the cage, for the compartment for the nest and its lid.

I cut out the opening for the passage to the nest, reinforcing it. Inside, with two pieces of scrap wood I made the nest, I put two panels of plywood on the sides, I made a stop at the top to access the cage with a strip and I covered it all with chicken wire hexagonal mesh.

I spray painted all over with white paint and I decorated the sides with a transferable board, covered with varnish.

A chicken coop very economical in style!
My hen Rosita thanks Ikea!

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~ Nik – Nicola Casale, Cambiano – To – Italia