A Twin Size Headboard for Less than $10

Materials: Vika Amon (Article No 500.711.70)

Description: I was looking to buy a simple headboard for a twin bed for use with a standard metal frame. However, it was difficult to find one without having to buy an entire bed and footboard. I wanted to avoid the footboard especially since the room I was working in was very small and didn’€™t want to spend a lot.

The Vika Amon table top measures 39 3/8″€ by 23 5/8″€ by 1 3/8″€ thick. The 39 3/8″€ table top is almost exactly the width of a twin bed, so I turned the table top sideways and used it as a headboard. I used the Vika Amon in white (Article No 500.711.70) which lists for only $5.99. It is also available in the same size in the black/brown finish for $10.99 as Article No. 002.098.39.

I bought the nuts, washers and bolts at Lowes for less than $3.00. It worked great and with the hardware cost less than $10.00 for everything.

The headboard is not very high (only about 6″€-8″€ above the surface of the mattress but it is enough to keep the pillows from sliding down. It also provides a good place to mount one of IKEA’s flexible reading lamps like the Tived LED flexible stalk light for reading in bed.

– Vika Amon: White (Article No. 500.711.70, $5.99) or Black/Brown(No. 002.098.39, $10.99)
– Four 1/4 by 2″€ long hex head bolts (cap screws)
– Eight 1/4″ fender washers (large diameter w/small hole)
– Four 1/4″ nuts (I used nylon insert lock nuts for vibration resistance)
– 1/4″ drill bit and drill
– Two wrenches, 7/16″€


1. Trace Holes: You will need to drill four holes in the Vika Amon for the bolts to pass through. In order to place the holes appropriately, I placed the Vika Amon flat on the floor and stood the metal bed frame up on it. Place the bottom edge of the bedframe near the bottom edge of the Vika Amon so that the lower hole is about 1/2 – 3/4″€ away from the edge. I traced the openings in the metal bedframe onto the Vika Amon with a Sharpie so that I would be sure the drill in the right places.

2. Drill: Remove the bedframe, put the Vika Amon on a work surface and drill the four 1/4″ holes in the appropriate places. I drilled fairly close to the edge to take maximum advantage of the internal frame near the edges in the otherwise hollow tabletop.

3. Bolt: Put the bolts in from the back of the Vika Amon (wall side) using a large diameter fender washer to spread the load across the relatively thin surface material of the Vika Amon. Putting the bolts in from the wall side will also prevent the bolts from protruding and perhaps damaging the wall surface. Slide the bolts through the openings in the metal bed frame and again using a large diameter fender washer, put on the nuts and tighten. Be careful not to overtighten and crush the surface. This is another advantage to using the nylon insert lock nuts.

~ Rich M, San Diego