Bar Cabinet from wall cabinets

Materials: Akurum wall cabinet frame, 30″w x 39″h, Perfekt wine shelf, 9″w x 39″h, (2) Lidi glass doors, (2) glass shelves (comes in a pack of 2 already), Cabinet door hardware, Cabinet door dampers, (3) Boholmen cutting boards, Dioder LED 4-piece strips, Some extra hardware from the spare parts As-Is department, Satta Door Handles in the aqua color, (6) 4″ Capita legs, Wine glass rack

Description: 1) Assemble Akurum wall cabinet frame as instructed. Assemble Perfekt wine shelf as instructed.

2) Use the male/female bolts you found in the as-is spare parts section- you’re looking for 4 bolts no longer than the two frames together (so about 3/4″ to an 1″) and the size of the already pre-drilled holes in the frame. Line up your two cabinets and clamp together (or recruit friends to hold tight). Drill through the pre-drilled shelf holes in the Akurum frame into the Perfekt frame; two in the top and two in the bottom. Make sure you don’t use a hole that the door frame hardware will need – we ended up going 3 holes from the top and bottom to clear those. Attach the two cabinets with the male/female bolts.

3) Attach the 6 legs to the bottom corners of the Akurum cabinet and the outer corners of the Perfekt cabinet.

4) Attach the doors as instructed onto the Akurum cabinet, and add the door pulls where desired.

5) Install the wine glasses rack in the top of the cabinet, place Dioder lighting as desired. I used the holes in the top of the cabinet to string the lighting through the back and not have visible wires. Tape wires in place on back, and Velcro the Dioder remote to the side of the cabinet for easy accessibility.

6) Determine how much you want your butcher block top to overhang – measure and cut your boards to fit, keeping two edges rounded on either end if desired.

7) Glue and clamp your cutting boards together, following glue instructions (I used Gorilla Glue).

8) Sand the entire top smooth, especially around seams. Oil the cutting boards to ensure any water won’t warp the top of your bar.

9) Clamp top in place where you want it, and screw into place from top of Akurum cabinet. This is more to keep from moving than for strength, so large screws are not necessary.

10) Place glass shelves in cabinet and fill!

See more of the wine cabinet.

~ Cindy, USA