IKEA Enudden towel rack as bike rack

Materials: Ikea Enudden, screws, bicycle

Description: I needed a way to keep my bike upright in my apartment, before it was just leaning against the wall or my jackets. Basically for this super easy Ikea hack, I took the Ikea Enudden towel rack and screwed it to the wall.

By placing the rods side by side and tilting them til they reach the floor, I created a perfect place to store my bike! This works perfect for bikes with thinner tires (ie road bikes, fixed gears etc.) If you have a bike with thicker tires you can try with one of the other towel racks which has more arms. When not in use you can always flip the rods up and out of the way! Simple, easy to install, and VERY practical!

~ Fixator, Vienna