Indoor Custom Dog House

Materials: IKEA MALM 2 Drawer Chest

Description: Materials: 1 Malm 2 drawer chest 60×55 cm / assorted colors

Description: If you are like me, searching for a nice, cheap, well built indoor dog house for our small dog breeds was tough. As I searched multiple websites, I couldn’t find anything under 100 dollars that looked decent that was made of wood material. I was at Ikea one day and noticed a Malm 2 drawer chest… then a lightbulb lit in my head. So here is a simple, easy project that I hope you all enjoy. My Yorkie is 9 lbs so I feel this Indoor Dog house is good for breeds 10 lbs and smaller. Project took approx. 30 mins.

Out of the box you will notice two large panels that have 2 rows of metal tracks already installed. you will need a small Phillips screwdriver to remove the 4 screws on each panel.

Next, install three of the support studs as shown in my photos. Do not install the stud that would originally separate the two drawers at the front of the chest. This will allow room for the opening of the front.

Once you have completed the outer frame of the dog house, the last step is to use the 2 panels that would originally be used for the drawer faces. These two panels will be used for the front of the dog house as shown. I started by installing the top panel first. I secured the top panel simply by hammering two nails, one on each side. I used two two inch nails. Since they were grey, I used a sharpie to color the tops so they could seem hidden.

The final step is to install the final drawer panel in an upright position. As you can see, I installed mine on the left side of the chest. Left or right is up to you. Once to position, use nails to secure it in place. I also bought a small bathroom mat from Ikea to use for the bottom. Congrats on your new dog house 🙂

~ Alex Gomez, San Diego, Ca