Integrated Computer/Music work desk

Materials: Old computer desk table tops, Vika Annefors storage, Vika Alex drawer unti, Capita bracket, Ekby Robert Wall bracket, Ekby Laiva shelf, Ekby Osten Shelf, Jigsaw, Summera Keybaord Pullout tray . Kasset boxes

Description: The purpose here is to reduce the footprint of my chunky computer desk that looked so imposing.

Instead of ditching the old computer table, I reused the table tops from the old computer table. I used a jigsaw to cut the board to reduce the depth (since the new computer is going to be much smaller).


I used a pair Capita brackets to mount the smaller board to create a second tier.

I placed the printer on the top tier and the whole wall started looking bulky again. So I built an Ekby wall shelf against the wall under the table. I housed the printer on that wall shelf.

Next I mounted Summera Keyboard tray under the bottom tier.

I bought this tiny little Dell computer Optiplex 7010 – Ultra Small Form Factor. For come reasons, it fits the Vika Annefors very much. So I bought 1 Ekby Osten shelf, cut it into 2 pieces to create 2 more tiers of shelves to house the computer and the audio box.

The computer CPU now fits into the Vika storage unit perfectly.

The music keyboard and the monitors are put in place, wires all dressed and I got some Kasset storage boxes to fill up the shelves.

This new computer table houses a lot more things and equipments and yet take up less space than the previous table.

~ Wai Hoong, Singapore

Jules Yap