Mini PC float-and-slide desk

Materials: Ludvig Laptop shelf/charging station, floating brackets

Description: Inspired by iMac-computer-desk I decided to try finding a solution for us no “iMac€/all-in-one€‹” users, but just mini-pc users.

The biggest problem was finding the Ludvig Laptop shelf/charging station around, because Ikea stopped selling it a while ago, so you have to resort to different channels to obtain it.

Then I fixed the shelf to the wall using hidden brackets/anchors to increase the weight supported by the shelf itself.

Last, I switched the original black-compartment, the one below the sliding shelf, with a hand crafted one. Made by a zinc-coated metal sheet (1mm thick) with different holes on the floor and sides (for cables, weight and ventilation reasons).

The rest is your normal wall-mounted monitor, wireless keyboard set and mini-pc.
Inside the handcrafted compartment I stored the mini-pc, 10wx20hx10d cm.
I think it’s a good compromise between comfort and space-saving.

See more of the mini PC float and slide desk.

~ Andrea Ponzi, Italy

Jules Yap