Pop-Up Hidden Work Station

Materials: Vika Veine Table Top($99), Laiva Desk($20), Small amount of hot glue or rubber feet, electrical tape. Also shown in images: Basisk Floor lamp ($24.99), Ekby Tony/Ekby Bjarnum (Floating night stand)

Description: Needed “unnoticeable” workstation in bedroom.

Inspired by “Home office from an old PAX cupboard“, knew I could find something at IKEA that would fit in my small space, hide everything, and still be multifunctional.

The Vika Veine table top was the perfect size, although I did not like the look or the price of the legs available. Fortunately, I found the Laiva Desk for only $20, and after a few quick measurements, found that the hole cut out of the Vika Veine top for power cords lined up perfect with the back “cord organizer” of the Laiva desk.


Assemble table top and desk as directed, except I left the front panel off the desk (for leg room). 

Organize cables in the trench. I used an orange cable holder to keep together all the cables that needed to be threaded through the top.

Next, I dropped big dabs of hot glue on each corner of the desk, to keep the table top from moving around.

Then, feed the cables through the pre-drilled cord hole in the Vika Veine top, and connect your stuff up.

Make sure no cables are still hanging out. I also used some electrical tape to keep the cables in place.

Completed “cordless” and hide-able workstation.

– Currently using the Nisse folding chair for the desk, but looking to replace it with a cute stool/seat.
– Tried the Summera pull-out keyboard shelf, but it is too wide to fit the Laiva desk.
– My entire idea would have included the Myken table mirror or the LOTS wall mirrors, to make the top look more like a simplistic vanity; unfortunately IKEA was out at the time and the boyfriend did not like the “idea” of a “vanity” in “his” bedroom. Personally, I think it would add another use and bring the whole thing together. If it was not for the understandable 5-picture limit, I would have posted a Photoshop-ed image.
– The Ekby Tony/Ekby Bjarnum (Floating night stand), in the first picture. The Tony shelf was cut in half and extra Bjarnum brackets added to make two small “floating” night stands for about $40.

~ Lil Uber, Florida

Jules Yap