Molger 2.0

Materials: For this hack you need 2 Molger shelves and 1 (or 2, I used 1) Molger benches. Saws, drill, screws, nails and “brackets”.

Description: After moving we had too many Molger units, and to save space I decided to build a shelf that fit around my washer.

It would be sweet if the Molger bench and shelf could play together like Legos, but they don’t. So you’ll need a lot of screws and plugs. Good tools are a must (or at least makes thing a lot easier).

What I would have done different:
Make the “seat” first, I made the over washer shelf first, and it was difficult moving after.
Make the shelf in a room with a flat floor, (not the bathroom, like me).
Make more support brackets.
For a nicer finish use the remaining boards to make a “tile” like finish. It also hides inaccuracies.
Measure properly!
Allow space for the tubes on the side of the washer (also some space over he washer to avoid shaking). For me it was a tight fit.

~ Hanskro, Trondheim