4 Bennos, not quite enough space

Materials: Benno, router, drill, wood dowels

Description: We recently moved, and the spot we wanted to put our 4 Benno towers to put our DVD’s on was about an inch too small.

After coming up with many terrible ideas, trying to figure out a different place to put the shelves, and checking this site for ideas, I decided to just take two of the shelves, and have them share one of the side panels.

All I had to do was flip over one of the panels & using a router, made a groove for the backing. Then I drilled through the peg holes so that I can put shelf pegs on both sides. (That was the tough part, as the board splintered when the drill punched through.)

Then I drilled some holes to add wooden dowels & wood glue to keep it together and stable.

~ James, Southern California