DIY Kitchen Island made from BILLY bookcases

We took down a wall between our kitchen and living room and created a room divider. Our DIY kitchen island is an IKEA BILLY hack!

We used three BILLY bookcases and a NUMERAR butcher block as the main ingredients for this island.

DIY Kitchen Island made from BILLY bookcases

  • BILLY bookcases x 3
  • NUMERAR countertop

DIY kitchen island instructions

First we assembled the BILLY bookcases and fastened them to each other. To do this, just screw two side panels togethers, with short screws so it won’t poke through.

Then, we covered the back of the bookcases with beadboard and trimmed the whole thing with moulding from a big box store.

DIY Kitchen Island made from BILLY bookcases

DIY Kitchen Island made from BILLY bookcases

DIY Kitchen Island made from BILLY bookcases

We allowed the butcher block to hang over the back side, supported by corbels. Now, we have a bar height kitchen island with seating area.

Lastly, is to decorate it. On one end, we fixed a hook. And on the other, we hung a wire basket which is great for holding plates, napkins and lunch bags for the kids.

On the kitchen side, we’ve added lots of open shelf storage and fill it up with all our goodies.

See more of the BILLY bookcase DIY kitchen island here

~ by Courtney Affrunti

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Jules Yap