Closet system using Ikea Molger Bench

Materials: Molger Benches. 5/16 dowel pins and drill bit. Clamps and shims. Laser level.

Description: My closet drastically needed a make-over and I couldn’t afford the expensive closet systems. My closet is 4 1/2 feet by 9 feet with clothes rods on each end. I wanted shelves in the middle that were deeper, and I liked the wood slats instead of the white coated wire shelves that I currently had.


While in Ikea, I noticed the smooth nice finish of the Molger bench, with slatted wood shelf and seat ($39.99 each. 31″ wide, 14 1/2″ deep, 19 1/2″ high)

The plan was to stack the benches, dowel them, and attach to the wall studs. So far I have used 6 benches, and will use one more to create a shelf above the clothes rod. $280 for a nice closet system!

First we assembled the benches. The benches come with rubber feet that when removed, expose a shallow hole. We drilled the existing hole a bit deeper, for a 5/16″ dowel pin.

Next, we inserted the dowels (halfway, as the other half would be in the bench above it) and placed that bench with dowels onto the next bench. We drew around the dowels to mark where the hole would go onto the top of the next bench. Using a laser level, we were able to drill a straight hole into the top of the second bench.

We stacked the two benches together, and repeated the process for all 6 benches.

We placed 4 benches on one side and 2 on the other. In order to screw them into the wall, we clamped them together and placed shims behind the bench/shelves as our wall was not square. We attached them to the wall studs with screws.

I like the asymmetry of the shelves, as there is 6 inches and 10 inches between shelves. However, if you want, you could change the spacing while assembling the benches and have 8 inches between each shelf.

I love the clean lines, the increased depth, and the amount of storage. They are incredibly stable, and will be easy to take down and put up again when I re-carpet and re-paint in a few months.

~ Nancy, Spokane

Jules Yap