Closet Toolshed

Materials: Grundtal magnetic knife rack and desk organisers

Description: I had a small space in the electrical cabinet in our small unit. I love my tools and working with my hands so I fashioned a small toolshed from the Ikea magnetic knife strip, desk organiser and some plastic organisers also from Ikea.

Since the strips were too long to put lengthways across the door I had to put them on an angle. Simple mounting and it was as easy at that.

I found some brackets for a foldable hinge and using an old wood shelf (also from Ikea cut down to fit) I now have a tool shed with all my tools in front of me and a basic bench.

The lights were some old LED spot light from by motorbike that I never fitted and am using a lipo battery to power them. But you could use some Ikea stuff there.

I also have used some old neo-molly magnets to hold things in place on the metal circuit breaker cabinet for extra space.

~ Doug, Singapore