Once, twice, maybe thrice

Materials: Grundtal leg (as is-pair) $5.00; Vika Byske 1-leg (new) $20.00; Vika Byske 3-legs (as -is) $3.00; Lesvik top 23″ x 46″ (as-is) $10.00; Unknown Ikea shelf 1/4″ x 35″ 17-1/2″ (as-is) $1.90 . Non-Ikea items; concrete screws & wood screws $5:00; fluorescent lamp (free).

Description: If I had known about this site earlier, I would have properly documented my build.

The Grundtal legs, Leksvik top and unknown Ikea shelf, in its first life it was my coffee table. In its second life I decided I needed a more mature laptop desk with shelf space.

I simply attached the Vika legs to the Leksvik top. Then I used the Grundtal legs as wall brackets securing it with concrete screws. And placed the 1/4″ top on the wall bracket to rest with the fluorescent lamp against the wall.

I wonder what I will do for its third life.

Just a side note those chairs hanging are Jokkmokk. I live in a small apartment and needed some space. And until the time call for it. These will be my shelves

~ Wycliffe, Toronto, ONT

Jules Yap