Faktum as walk-in closet

Materials: Faktum, Besta, Rationell, Härlig

Description: When we moved in, we finally had place for every woman’s dream: a walk-in closet.

As we are renting the place, we don’t have a lot of possibilities for a walk in closet. We first bought a wardrobe (Pax from Ikea) and as I didn’t want to go more than 1,80m into the room I needed 40cm depth cabinets.

That’s why I decided to use Faktum kitchen cabinets (Ikea). They are cheap, sturdy and with two cabinets on the top of each other, I was able to build it to the ceiling.

Here’s what I needed to complete this project:
[2x] Faktum 60x70x37cm cabinet
[2x] Faktum 60x195x37cm cabinet
[6x] Härlig 30x70cm doors
[2x] Härlig 60x195cm doors
[As needed] Rationell 60×35 shelves
[1x] Besta 180cm rail system

The DIY after I came up with this idea is pretty easy.

First , I mounted all the cabinets according to the manual and placed the bigger one next to each other. I attached the cabinets and the added an attachment between the last cabinet and the wall for safety.

Then, I mounted the smaller cabinets on the top and fixed them also to the other cabinets. Finally, the Besta rail was fixed on the bottom and the top of the 3 bigger cabinets.I attached wheels onto the doors, placed the smaller doors like usual and placed also the shelves.

As the back is not really pretty with Ikea’s classic brown compressed wood panels, I covered it up with wallpaper!

See more of the Faktum walk in closet.

~ Laura, Liège