Hacker help: Workstation between two Expedit shelves?

Materials: 5×5 Expedit shelf, 2×4 Expedit shelf and Vika Kaj adjustable leg

Description: Recently married, I’m trying to setup a workstation for the wife with plenty of storage space to work with. I’ve already bought a 5×5 Expedit shelf and want to figure out if I can place a table top between two Expedit shelves with L-brackets (The one which you get with the Expedit workstation?) on both sides and a adjustable leg in the middle for support. Would that work or would I need to add in a wall support (something I want to avoid)?

Also I’d like to able to use Expedit inserts (with doors) under the table or is that asking for too much?

The table top will be used for an iMac 21 inch and a bunch of external hard drives.

In the foreseeable future, I’ll be adding a corner workstation on the other side of the 2×4 Expedit shelf for myself so that’s why I need the shelf at least open on my wife’s side for access.

Thank you.

~ Faisal Khatib, Dubai, UAE