Klubbo + Fjellse Slats = Vintage Industrial Table

Materials: Klubbo side table, Fjellse bed slats, stain, polyacrylic, screws, spray paint

Description: I found a Klubbo side table in the garbage and the same evening I stumbled across the wooden bed slats from a Fjellse.

I started by measuring my wood so I have about a 3/4″ overhang and I cut the wood (using my husbands mitre saw all by myself for the first time ever!). I used black satin finish Rustoleum spray paint and covered the base with three coats.

While that was drying I lightly sanded and then stained the wood using Special Walnut colour stain. When dried I laid the wood on the ground and used some offcuts of the wood to join them all together on the bottom. I attached the top using wood screws to the frame. To finish off the table and to protect it, I used two coats of Polyacrylic in satin finish and left it to dry.

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~ Julie, Toronto, Canada

Jules Yap