LACK Side Table – Night Table

Materials: LACK Side Tables; Wood blocks, wood glue, nailer

Description: I was on a tight budget. After trying to find suitable night tables in second hand stores and online, I came across I was impressed with all the ideas. I went and found 4 IKEA LACK side tables on sale at $4.99 each. I bought the basic white.

The first step was to assemble 2 tables, to serve as the base of the 2 nightstands.

The second step was to cut down the legs of the second set of tables. Then I assembled the tables. They would serve as the top of the finished tables. I cut them so the overall height of the finished product would be 27″.

Once I cut the legs, I discovered they were hollow. This was my first IKEA purchase, so I was unfamiliar with their product. No worries. I cut small blocks from a 2″x4″ plank, and glued and air nailed them to the corners of the base tables. Then the cut legs would slide over the blocks. I then fastened the legs using the air nailer to the blocks.

~ Sue Allen