Low Cost Home Theater Speaker Stand

Materials: Adils Leg, Lack Side Table, Laiva Shelf, Stolmen end fitting

Description: Being an audiophile and living in rented spaces can be quite a challenge. Drilling walls to hold your heavy speakers can be quite a challenge. After trying out a few low end stands that did not fit the bill and multiple return trips I was almost ready to plunge on the Stolmen, until I ran into Ikeahackers!

Inspired by the posts in the AV section, I set out to make my own stand and it came out well within Budget.
Laiva Shelf – AUD 5.00 (Holds the speaker)
Adils – AUD 5.00
Stolmen – AUD 5.00 (Comes as $10 for 4, need 2 per stand)
Lack Side Table – AUD 10.00

Instructions are simple – Screw the Adils on the Lack Side Table. This makes the base (wide enough so that the speaker does not topple over.

The Stolmen end fitting is mounted on the Adils and screw in the Laiva Shelf.

Make sure you have a good measuring tape and hand held power drill/screw driver.

Mark the end points on the Laiva Shelf
Fix the speaker mount at your desired point on the shelf.
Bolt on the Stolmen end fitting
Screw the Laiva Shelf on the Stolmen end fitting
Fix the Adils base on the Lack Table
Screw the assembled leg to the Adils base.

~ pkumar, Australia