My hidden spice rack hack/kitchen fan

Materials: RATIONELL 60cm kitchen drawer + VINDRUM kitchen fan.

Description: When I were about to put up my kitchen fan in the corner of the kitchen, I soon discovered I needed a corner cabinet to mount it on, I began to build a custom made cabinet, just to hang the kitchen fan on. But I realized there were lots of space going to waste inside this “come to be, empty cabinet” And as it would be hanging a kitchen fan on the front of the cabinet, no door could be fitted to get access to it’s inside. I didn’t want one of those pull-out-under-the-cabinet-kitchen-fans as I wanted a retro feeling to the kitchen.

I then came up with my idea of hiding a spice rack inside the cabinet, a pull down spice rack to be precise. I rushed away to IKEA and got myself a standard kitchen drawer of 60cm width. Then my scheme of how to mount this began, I began drawing mechanisms of how it could be stowed away and still hold up a load of spice cans and bottles. I turned my head inside out and back again for about a week, then I finally got it!

Like an Eureka moment!

I got this old non working Honda civic hatchback in my yard, I ran out to it and dismounted the gas springs that held the rear window open to get access to the trunk, then I mounted the spring ends on the backside of the drawer in an A-shape and mounted the spring heads in the cabinet, in that way when pulling down the drawer the springs get compressed and line up horizontal behind the drawer.

This makes the drawer stay down and makes the springs push up once you push the drawer upwards and hold it up once fully closed, if the springs have the right pressure that is, mine needed 11kg of thrust to push them in individually. So theoretically it could hold up 22kg.

I’ve been using my hidden spice rack for about five years with not a single malfunction. It’s a reliable construction.

Unfortunately I can’t show the backside of the drawer and its construction, as it involves a major disassembly which I’m not willing to do. The ropes I added for looks, I’ve always loved mechanical things.
So it’s optional if you want them or not.

~ Robin Dahl, Sweden