No Lack of sunglasses…

Materials: Lack table, drawing pins, a thick thread, hammer, pencil, ruler, and lot of sunglasses

Description: What will you do with all of your sunglasses when summer is coming? If you have an extra Lack, you can use it as a cute way to store and display them! I just used the base, legs off, working on the back, just in case I need my table back..

First I drew with a pencil and a ruler a kind of path, just to stay geometrical. Then I pinned the drawing pins at the intersections of this path, aside mostly, but some in the middle, too. Just use your thumbs, Lack’s wood is very soft.

Next step is to create a geometrical pattern using the thread. I chose a yellow thick one, but you can use any colour and any kind of thread, a fish one will work as well.

Do that twisting the thread under and around the pins, while you keep them still with a finger, and go creatively in any direction.

Once you like what u see – the more the better, also because it will be stronger – fix the thread with a knot and hit the pins with the hammer,so they won’t move and, use the pattern you created to hang up your sunglasses.. or whatever you like! Tadaaaa!!

~ laura, rome