Raspberry Pi PRUTA case

Materials: 1. Pruta (the small rectangular one), 2. a ruler or something to measure, 3. something equal to a credit card in size (i.e. your ikea family card :)), 4. a cutter, 5. pincers, 6. a needel, 7. one raspberryPi

Description: 1) Put your credit-card or similar in to the pruta box; this approximately marks the level where your raspberriPi will go.

2) Make the needle glowing (very hot?), holding it with the pincers, and use it to perforate the plastic as showed in pictures below.

The 4 small holes will serve to hold the corners of your raspberriPi while the big circular hole will room the yellow connector as you can see in picture below.

3) When you have the raspberryPi in place inside pruta box (for this purpose the holes made at step 2 are enough) make holes for others connectors in the same way.

4) If you want something for the eyes print the raspberriPi logo and glue it to the top of pruta box; With the same technique perforate the coloured part of the logo.

Enjoy! 🙂

~ Andrea Tarocchi, Milan

Jules Yap