Coffee with your light? A DIY Chandelier

Materials: Ikea’€™s Regolit paper shade, Ikea’€™s Hemma Cord, a glue gun, sticks of glue, 500-800 coffee filters, light bulb, zip tie (optional)

Description: To start begin by gluing the coffee filters in one area of the lantern and slowly spread outwards. I found it was helpful to glue the coffee filters at the bottom to the lantern, and on the sides to the previous coffee filter.

There were two ways that I shaped the filters for the lantern. The first I folded it in half and rolled it up. This resulted in a flower like shape.

The other way is I just gathered it together leaving the bottom fairly flat. This just left the filter looking wavy, and covered more space.

This project takes about 6 hours to complete depending on how dense the coffee filters are glued.

Once the lantern is completely covered you can insert the electrical cord with the light bulb and clip into the top hooks. For extra security you can zip tie the electrical cord to the top metal hooks of the lantern’s frame.

See more of the coffee filter light.

~ Stephanie White, Canada