Materials: 3 x Boalt, 2 x Ledberg, shockcord, old CD cases (pref all see through)

Description: As Digital goes über digital, much first gen digital paraphernalia gets left by the wayside.

Time to get busy and turn some CD things into a neat case for stuff, gear, trinkets and other things you’d like to display!

Make your shockcord into a loop and tie or clamp. Test first how long it needs to be to make, say, two loops all around.

Line up your 3 Boalt CD storage racks and wrap the shockcord around the racks fitting it into the recessed groves. Everything should be held together snugly.


Slip a Ledberg unit (two sticks out of the three otherwise it is too long) into each of the gaps that result from strapping the Boalts together. The strands of shockcord will ensure that the LEDs will not fall out.

Mount or place the unit.

Get your old CD cases and remove all the contents including the actual CD holding insert if you like. All clear cases give the nicest effect. Insert them into the usual slots and add display material!

~ Huib von Essen, Netherlands


Jules Yap