Cool Carport Loft Bed

Materials: STORA Loft Bed

Description: My two-year old soon was ready for a big boy bed so I got him a car bed. Given he will be an only child I wanted to create a bunk bed situation for when he got older and would have friends spend the night. The Stora loft bed was the PERFECT solution for now as well as when he gets older.

As you see I put about 80% of the loft bed together, purposely not building out all of the loft bed portion or the ladder. (He’s too young to use it and I don’t even want him knowing about it yet).

With the box the car bed came in I fashioned tiles out of the cardboard, painted them a terra cotta color and made a roof.

I enclosed two sides of the loft with polycarbonate roofing material. (This is way safer than the corrugated metal roof material as it’s basically plastic – it has no sharp edges, even after cutting it.)

All the stickers and decorations were cobbled together from garage sales, amazon and flea markets.

When he turns 6 I’ll dismantle the roof and build out the rest of the upper loft bed and ladder. When he has friends spend the night BOTH the bunk/loft bed AND the car bed will be cool to sleep in.

~ Darren, California