Great Looking and Functional Standing Desk for $128.96

Materials: EXPEDIT Shelving units, LINNMON table top, LACK wall shelf, CAPITA legs

Description: Here’s what I built a couple of months ago:

Total cost in the US: $128.96 (IKEA components only; computer equipment and chair not included). I paid even less because for some reason IKEA is cheaper in Poland.

Here’s the shopping list:

  • Get two EXPEDIT Shelving units.
  • Get one LINNMON table top (formally known as VIKA AMON). Mine is 47 1/4″ by 23 5/8″ but you are free to select whichever fits your room best.
  • Get one LACK wall shelf (43 1/4×10 1/4″ will do just fine).
  • Get one set of CAPITA legs – 8″. Search in the kitchen appliances section.

And the process (photos below):

  1. Assemble the EXPEDIT units normally.
  2. Take the table top and screw the four CAPITA kitchen legs to the bottom.
  3. Place the table top on top of the shelving units.
  4. Place the wall shelf on top of the table. Use some old books to get the desired height.
  5. Fin.


Table top and CAPITA kitchen legs:

Books for adjusting the height:

The desk serves its purpose perfectly every day. I’m a writer, so I use it quite heavily.

To get a more text-heavy description (step-by-step), feel free to visit this post.

~ Karol from Writers in Charge, Poland