Map It Out Desk

Materials: Vika Moliden underframe

Description: I used the the Vika Moliden under frame aka desk legs. I would of purchased the desk top too but b/c of where I live they wouldn’t ship it. So, I had a desk top made with the exact same dimensions of the one you can purchase at Ikea.

I download a picture of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Trail Map then imported it into photoshop and changed the dimensions to fit how I wanted it to appear on the desk top. Then, I took the pdf file to a large format printing company who printed it out on sticker paper. Lastly, I carefully placed the giant sticker on the desk and then added a glass top.

It was super easy.

Checkout the link below for the DIY video I did on the process.

See more of the map desk.

~ that girl katie, Jackson Hole, WY

Jules Yap